From dated and (at times) dilapidated, to contemporary and funcational, we love tackling any home renovation project, no matter how big, to turn a house into a home. Check out our fixer-upper projects below.


Our first fixer-upper was a tiny little 2 bedroom, 1 bath home on the Washington Coast. We tackled the renovation of our kitchen and made simple changes to update the little house and learned tons along the way. 


We purchased a 3,000 sq. ft. (6 bed, 3 bath) split-level fixer upper that was built in the 70s - the perfect investment home - an outdated interior and exterior in a perfect jaw-dropping location. We partnered with my brother to purchase the home, tackle the DIY renovations and share in the potential profit and, in turn, became roommates overnight. Plus, he added a fiancé during the process. Four adults, two kids and a cat under one roof - it's a sitcom waiting to happen. Or intense drama, depending upon the day.


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