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Monday, October 7, 2013

Change Is Good // A Living Room Update

I'm in deep, folks.  My nesting urges are taking over and my home isn't safe.  I went a little crazy the other day and rearranged our entire living room.  Sure, as a 9-month pregnant lady I shouldn't be moving around heavy pieces of furniture but good luck trying to talk me out of it.

Our living room has always felt overstuffed.  Our sofa is too large and the chaise just doesn't work with our layout.  As it initally sat, it was smack dab in the middle of the room's flow between the front door and the kitchen.  When we first moved in we tested it out in every section of the room and for some reason we settled on that location.  We've had to weave our way through furniture to move from one room to the next and our available floor space is pretty much nonexistent.  Throw toys into the mix and whoa nelly!  On the flip side, the tv console is much too small for our 46" tv.  It should be about 6-inches or so longer on each side and it's placement flanking the fireplace is all wrong.

It's a room where nothing works and we're just living with it.  Oh but we have plans...future plans.  I won't even begin to start talking about busting through the walls - that's a dream for another day.  But with the addition of built-ins flanking the fireplace, updated carpet like this Comfortably Classic carpet from Mohawk or this Martha Stewart Living Shaw carpet, windows above each built-in to bring in more natural light and a smaller sofa it will be a more functional and better designed space. But it's going to be awhile until any of those changes are made.  So we're stuck...at least with the main elements of the space.

But there's no way the current layout is going to work especially with a baby (and all his extra stuff) on the way.  After a minor claustrophobic freakout I went into beastmode and started rearranging the room.  Luckily Luke was entertained in another room and didn't suffer from my brief Hulk transformation.

I literally just moved each section around in a circle...or if you're technical, a triangle.  The couch replaced the recliner, the recliner replaced the tv stand and the tv stand replaced the sofa.  The orange chair, the rug and entry cabinet were perfect right where they were.


I still have a comfy spot for those late night feedings but now it feels much more put together and intimate - rather than being smack dab in the middle of a high traffic zone.


Change sure is good!  The room is a breath of fresh air and instantly more spacious and, dare I say it, serene.  It still has a ways to go but it's a much better layout than what we started with.  I love how the minty green chair and the aqua pillows highlight similar shades from the Covington Wilmington Multi fabric that was used for the drapery panels and the pillows on the sofa.  Plus, pairing the recliner and the orange chair together makes for a more inviting sitting area rather than placing everything on its own and in its own corner.  And best of all...those late night trips to the kitchen/bathroom/baby are going to be so much nicer without having to maneuver around a sofa, coffee table, and ottoman.  My toes are cheering.

So what changes are you making around your home?


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