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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby on Board // How to Prepare for Baby...Or Not!

On Friday I'll be ringing in 36 weeks of pregnancy and it just dawned on me that this little baby could arrive anytime. And we are not ready! 

Scratch that.  We're slightly ready.  In an effort to clean up the upstairs and make it usable, the hubs installed the infant car seat in the car and the baby stuff was located and haphazardly piled in a corner to get to later....hopefully before the baby actually arrives.  Luckily we saved a good supply of clothes and swaddle blankets so the only necessities we're lacking is a place for the baby to sleep and some diapers.  Kind of left the important stuff, huh?

The one effort we have made to get ourselves ready for baby was probably the least important of all - in terms of necessities - but it is one of the most important for this Mama. 


We replaced our little living room office area with "the best rocking chair in all the land" which we've been storing upstairs for the past 2 years.  Seriously, this chair blows your dad-chair out of the water.  It does it all - rocks, swivels and reclines.  Plus, it also has a matching rocking ottoman.  And my favorite of all....the head cushion is freaking comfortable.  Whoever built this chair found some way to capture a cloud and stuff it into a chair.  It's a miracle I don't fall asleep as soon as I plop down into it.  I spent many hours in this chair when Luke was a baby and I suspect I'll be spending just as much time with our new little one.  Although I guess I will have another kid that will require my attention...two kids?!  Is it strange that I still haven't fully comprehended what's in store?

In addition to the chair, I also hauled down a little metal three-shelf rack that serves as the perfect size side table. Big enough to hold some reading material and stash my snacks and coffee, err...I mean, water and small enough to tuck into this little corner by the fireplace.


I've been tossing around the idea of spray painting the metal rack but 1) I've pretty much lost all motivation and 2) choosing a color is even more difficult than garnering the motivation to tackle this mini-project.


I may not be all the way ready for the new little guy quite yet but if he does arrive in the next few days (please, no!) at least I'd be ready for those long hours of feeding and cuddling a newborn. Now I just have to teach Luke to care for himself so I never have to leave this spot.  I can dream....

So what's your favorite spot to relax or cuddle up with the kids?


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