Thursday, August 1, 2013

So....Who Wants To Clean My Attic?!

Did it help that I said that in a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" game show host voice?  No?  Too bad because what's behind door number 2 is a dream!

A hoarder's or professional organizer's dream, that is!  The mess starts at the stairs where things have just been dropped because we're just too lazy to carry them upstairs.

And upstairs?  Holy mess-of-all-time!  Our upstairs needs work.  Lots of work.  Oh how I wish I could go back in time and set it up from the beginning rather than making it our storage/dumping ground for all the things we don't have room for.  I also wish the hubs was home so I could put him to work removing everything!

Adjacent to the landing is a pretty good sized room.  That's jam-packed with a bunch of random stuff.  Long-term - it needs windows for safety, ventilation and natural lighting, but for the short-term it will work just for what I have planned.  Unless my oh so kind brother and father would like to pay me a visit and install a few windows???

Our home isn't large so to let a space this size go to waste is ridiculous and with the impending arrival of baby #2 we need all the extra space we can get!

So here's my plan...or plans.

Option 1:  Transform the landing into a sitting area/office space and the room into a guest room, which we're lacking.

Option 2:  Transform the room upstairs into our bedroom which would leave a small guest room/office area downstairs right off the living room.  It'd give us the opportunity to finally have a bigger bed - our full-size bed just ain't cutting it anymore.  Plus, the landing area could serve as a sitting room/early nursery - close enough for those many, many feedings.

I'm definitely leaning towards Option 2 but sometimes you never know which way a project will go until it's finished.

And how will I tackle this overwhelming project?  In steps, of course.
  • Step 1:  Organize & Purge
  • Step 2:  Clean & Repair
  • Step 3:  Paint - both the walls & floors
  • Step 4:  Install storage - bookshelves are a must!
  • Step 6:  Decorate
And all before baby #2 is born in less than 3 months.  Think it can be done?  I sure hope so!



  1. I like option #2 best!! Mostly because when I come over, I don't want to be sleeping in that scary attic. Haha

  2. But.....after I'm done it won't be so scary. Right? :)


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