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Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY Problems - 7 Lighting Options for Low & Shallow Ceilings

Can a DIY project ever go smoothly, asks the frustrated DIY'er.  We're smack dab in the middle of renovating our mudroom/breakfast nook and things were going very smoothly until the hubs went to install the wiring and housings for our new recessed lights in the mudroom.  Unfortunately for us, our dang ceilings in this room, which is a stark contrast to our 9 foot ceilings elsewhere, are low (slanted, in fact) and shallow.  With their pivoting lights and extremely low-profile gimbal recessed lights solve the height and slant problems but most likely will not work for the shallow issue - there's only 3 1/2 inches from the ceiling to the roof.  I'd love to share a photo with you of exactly what I'm talking about but I can't!  It's a surprise...but you'll get to see the entire process soon enough.  Until then, you'll just have to be content with my horrible descriptions.

Instead of installing three recessed lights - which would illuminate the corner bench area, the entry and the laundry closet - we have to figure out another plan.  The corner bench area is easy - I'm going to track down some killer sconce lights like this Princeton Junior sconce or this Satellite Wall sconce, both by Schoolhouse Electric, but the two overhead lights are a whole 'nother story.  Two recessed lights will now become one mounted light. 

Like I mentioned before, we're leaning towards this gorgeous Eldridge Rectangular Chandelier from Ballard Designs for our nook area which will be open and visible to the mudroom.  So, something that coordinates without overly competing would be ideal, plus we need something like a short pendant style so that can be mounted but will hang straight.  While I'm on the hunt for our perfect light, I thought I'd share these perfect options (just not perfect for our specific space) that could pair nicely with the Eldridge light.

{1}  The Franklin 2.25" Light $127 as shown from Schoolhouse Electric - it's simple, clean and has that same vintage-modern vibe that the Ballard Designs light has.

{2}  Another option would be something similar to this Single-Light Sebring Outdoor Ceiling - $114.  Although it's an outdoor light, I like the industrial style of it plus it's a DIY project in the making.

{3}  Pottery Barn's Fisherman's Flushmount Light is very similar to the option above and is a little more expensive at $199.

{4}  Another option that caught my eye at Pottery Barn is the Julian Flushmount light.  It's also listed for $199 and is a more elegant twist on the boob light.

{5}  A less desirable option but something that would definitely work for a low ceiling would be something like this Saturn Small flush mount light from Lithonia Lighting. 

{6}  Track lighting might be the way to go to avoid flush mounts altogether but once again, height may be  an issue depending on the lights you choose.  I love the style of the Pottery Barn lighting track.

{7}  Ikea has an inexpensive track lighting option, the KRÄMARE Ceiling Track, but a little hacking would be involved, i.e. spray paint, to get a similar finish as the Eldridge. At only $24.99 including three lights, it might be a great option although not exactly the perfect pairing with the Eldridge.

The clock is ticking so I better stop because as much as I love finding lighting options - I really just need to find lighting options that will actually work for us.  So.....the pendant lighting search begins!  Think happy, budget-friendly thoughts.


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