Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Only Fish In The Sea" Art

I'm not digging the art behind the couch.  I think it's the map.  I have a plan for something new so the frames that were hanging are now up for grabs.  I have this long 5 photo frame that we had family photos in and then it housed some typography art for the holidays.  I took it down a few days ago and set it across the room.  There it sat - taunting me.  Daring me to make something to put into it.  And so I did.

You ever have those moments where an idea just hits you and you're like...Hells Yes!?  This was one of those times.

I love this simple art - a fishing pole, a pond...

 a hook and a fish...

It's graphic and sentimental without being too over the top lovey-dovey.  Then again, it could also just be a hook and a fish.  Either way, I'm digging it.  For now at finnicky as I am who knows how long my interest will last.

Adding any new art to your home?  Do you like to make your own or showcase other people's work?



  1. I'm digging it too. Love everything you've been doing to your place!

    1. Thanks, Mary! It's feeling like it's finally coming together!


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