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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Easy Ways To Show A Blogger Some Love

With Valentine's Day a little more than 2 weeks away, love is definitely in the air.  Don't forget to show those around you some love and why not start with your favorite blogger?

Yes I'm a blogger so all of the information below hits close to home, but this isn't just about me and my readers.  With all the blogs out there (over 6.5 million!) you are either a blogger, know a blogger, or enjoy reading a blog.  Are you doing all you can to help that small business succeed?

Wait, back up...small business?  Yep, that's exactly what a blog is to many bloggers - whether they sell ad space, own an online shop or offer freelance writing or other types of services (or are building their blog towards these) - the blog is their business and each of the five tips below will help to build and grow their business.

#1 - Follow them.  Sign up to receive posts via RSS or email so you never miss any updated content.  If you sign up to receive posts via email - don't forget to confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in the confirmation email that you should receive.

#2 - Visit their blog.  Just like a real business needs visitors to succeed, so does a blog.  Rather than just reading their posts via your feeder or email - click through to their blog and feel free to stay awhile.  Most blogs have an archive or Project Gallery where you can catch up on things you may have missed. 

#3 - Comment on their blog.  Give them kudos, constructive criticism or share your own experiences by commenting on their post.  Bloggers absolutely LOVE comments.  Commenting on a blog allows the blogger to build a relationship with their readers and evaluate their content.  The comment section can usually be found at the end of each post. 

#4 - Share their blog.  Word of mouth advertising is as good for the mom & pop shop as it is for a blog.  An increase in readers means an increase in opportunities.  It's a new spin on that classic Dr. Seuss mantra - The more people read, the more places they could go.

#5 - Engage with them on social media.  "Like" and visit their blog's Facebook page (not their personal) and comment and share their posts and photos.  The same goes for places like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest - retweet, comment and re-pin.

So now that you know how to support a blog - get out there and show those bloggers some love.  Why not start right here? (shameless plug, anyone?)


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