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Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Patience & Persistence Pay Off When Decorating on A Budget

Sometimes decorating on a budget is tough.  You either have a sparse space because you're saving up for the perfect furniture and decor or you've purchased temporary stuff that works...for now.  It's tempting to purchase inexpensive and sometimes low-quality items just so your room isn't bare - because nothing is more daunting than a bare room, but it tends to be a method I try to avoid.  Perhaps it's my picky personality, but once I set my sights on something no temporary replacement will ever do. Plus it just seems like a bit of a waste since you're just going to replace it down the road.  Don't get me wrong, I definitely do use temporary fixes from time to time but I try really hard not to. 

Our living room is no exception.  With only two east facing windows, our living room is the darkest room in the house.  It's a place where I spend LOTS of time writing, watching the ol' boob tube and getting my fill of house porn.  The switch for the overhead light is WAY across the room plus there's no convenient side table to place my coffee cup, so you can imagine the inconvenience that I have had to endure on a daily basis.  I've been on the hunt for a floor lamp and a small side table to remedy this bothersome situation for what seems like ages.  I was looking for styles similar to this, this, this, or this but you know....for a lot less money!  Those are each beautiful lighting options but YIKES!  I can't even imagine spending that much on a lamp.

Hopefully you're over the sticker shock and now probably thinking...a lamp and a side table in that tiny corner?! Well, you're not alone. I felt the same way and I just wasn't sure how it'd work - that is, until my millionth visit to stalk the aisles at Goodwill where I found this gorgeous mid-century brass and glass table lamp combo for only $12.99.  I.WAS.SOLD.  I stuck that lamp in my cart faster than you can say "thrifting addict."  Then I proceeded to make my way through the rest of the store nearly knocking down full shelves of glassware and taking out other patrons with my protruding lamp.  Hey, I couldn't just leave the store without checking for more treasures, right?!

The drum shade is not original, but is the perfect size and shape for the lamp and gives it a more modern feel.

This lamp is the perfect addition to this room.  It's mid-century era ties in the orange chairs and gives my other random brass accessories a purpose.  Plus, this Hollywood Regency style gives a great little boost of character and glam to my seemingly traditional room.  Although, it seems like I should trade in the simple coffee mug and iPhone for a high-ball and an ashtray.

If you've been following for long you'll know that this isn't the only instance where being patient and persistently stalking the thrift store aisles has paid off.  You can see some of my other finds here, here and here, but my most recent find has me justifying my thrifting obsession.

I scored this giant framed print of North America for only $10.  I think it fits pretty nicely on what was a huge blank wall and adds to the eclectic style of our home.  Although, I might be changing up the art behind the sofa once again.

Sometimes I have a good idea of what I want, take the lamp for instance, and other times I leave it up to chance.  But one thing I don't sacrifice is getting a good deal - whether it's shopping at thrift stores or yard sales or making sure I'm getting the best price on a retail item.  Wasting money just so I can have what I want right at that moment is just not an option, so being patient and persistent is how I'm turning our little house into a home.

So what tips/tricks do you guys use to stay on budget when creating your space?


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