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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kitchen Door Trim...Finally!

Back a few weeks ago, when we were replacing windows in the bathroom and mudroom, I finally tackled a project that we've been needing to finish.  While the boys were framing the new window openings, I stole the nail gun for a couple projects - putting trim on the open shelving and putting the trim back up in our doorways.

The trim has been off since we started our kitchen remodel.  I can't really say why it's taken us so long to put it back up, probably just laziness.  I mean swinging a hammer is really hard work.  With access to a nail gun I finally had the motivation to get 'er done.  Unfortunately I have few photos of the process, but it went a little something like this...

The doorway between the kitchen and living room was easy-peesy.  When we originally took off the trim we saved it and labeled each piece so we knew exactly where it would go.  All we had to do was just nail it back up.  Like I said, easy.

The doorway between the hall and the kitchen was a little more difficult.  If you remember, there was a door here that I removed over the summer.  Here's a little before picture if you missed it.

Because we put drywall up over the old wall (a lazy smart girl's way of covering up 4 layers of painted wallpaper) the old door frame was no longer the right width.  Plus with the door gone, we no longer needed the hinged sides so a little more work was required.

First we had to remove the trim from the hallway and then we took out the old door frame using a pry bar, which came out rather easily.  With a bare opening we measured the width and then hit the hardware store to pick up 1x6 MDF.  We cut and installed the head jamb first and then measured and cut each of the side jambs.  Once the jambs were in place we put the exterior trim back on each side of the doorway.

Even though it's just using what we already had and it's not jaw dropping millwork it sure does make the room look better.  I love the more open feel that the absence of a door creates.  We still have to fill the gaps with caulk but we'll finish that when we have all the window trim up. 

So what about you guys?  Have any projects you were putting off that you've finally finished?


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