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Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Halloween Costumes

What?  It's been over a week since Halloween?  Rather than get caught up in the details let's just take a look at our rad DIY Halloween costumes this year. 

The hubs and I stepped out on the town the Saturday before Halloween for some much needed grown up fun.  We threw these little numbers together last minute using things we had at home, plus some makeup and hair assistance from the neighbors. 

Say hello to Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Bride.

Not too shabby for pulling it out a couple hours before the party.  And guess what?  That's my wedding dress!  Frankenstein's bolts - those are painted marshmallows.  They did a pretty damn good job of sticking too.  My hair - that's the end result of some crazy teasing and a disgusting mixture of egg whites and elmer's glue.  I woke up the next morning still rocking the hair style.  It.Didn't.Move.  Luckily it came out pretty easily in the shower with the ol' smear on a bunch of conditioner, brush through, rinse and wash method.

Our next costumes were a little more thought out and we saved them for trick or treating with our little guy.  Luke is arguably Curious George's biggest fan so I couldn't wait to blow his mind with a monkey costume and a Man With the Yellow Hat costume for Dad.  Truth be told, I was supposed to dress up as Professor Wiseman but bailed because it was pouring out and no one was going to see me under all my layers anyways.  Mama fail.

I picked up the Old Navy Monkey costume at Goodwill and Josh's talented mom made the crocheted monkey hat.  Luke was pretty stoked to be a Georgie all night but I'm pretty sure the loads and loads of candy had something to do with his pleasant demeanor.

The Man in the Yellow Hat costume was a bit of a failure but it worked out in the end.  I attempted to dye the shirt, khaki pants and hat using rit dye.  The pants came out great - although they seemed to soak up all the dye so nothing else worked out.  I ended up painting the hat with some leftover bright yellow latex paint I used on this cabinet transformation.

So those were our 2012 DIY Halloween costumes.  What costumes were you guys rocking?  And just so we're clear...I wasn't late with this post.  I was just early for next year.


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