Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY // Hanging Bathroom Storage Baskets

Our small bathroom lacks in the storage department.  We have a builder's grade vanity that houses lots of our essentials but more is always needed.  After stumbling upon some wall storage using ikea bygel rails and baskets I decided to make my own and mount them right outside the bathroom door.

The idea is a great one - my execution of it, not so much.  Not only is it messy and unorganized, but our little monster has a fascination with lotion and will do anything to get his little paws on it.  Having it out in plain sight is both an eyesore and a temptation our little two year old can't shake.

I prefer all the bottles and stuff to be hidden away and not the focal point in the hallway.  This failure of a storage option is coming down. And a new solution for a lack of storage will be sought.  We're considering building a small linen closet in its place, but that's a project for further down the road.

Do you have any tips on maximizing storage in small bathrooms?  I'd love to hear them.


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