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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knockoff // DIY Anthropologie Zinc Letter

Remember when I picked up an Anthropologie zinc letter J from a local thrift store?  I hung it on Josh's side of the bed and kept my fingers crossed that I'd score a letter M for my side because I sure as heck wasn't going to pay $18 at Anthropologie.  Instead of just sitting around wishing and praying for a deal, I thought I'd take fate in my own hands and make an inexpensive and simple copycat version of the beautiful zinc letters.

I picked up an MDF letter ($4.99) and

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Return of The Notorious N.A.T.E.

It should be no surprise that I adore the handsome and talented designer, Nate Berkus.  He's so friendly, charismatic and an absolute delight to watch - not to mention he can style a beautifully layered room that looks collected overtime.  I've been following him since he was showing off amazing room transformations on Oprah.  I'm an owner of his first book Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live Into a Place You'll Love and was a loyal viewer of the not-so-great Nate Berkus Show.  That's loyalty, people.


So you can imagine how excited I am for the launch of The Nate Berkus Collection at Target on October 21st, which includes bedding, bath, accessories, lighting, rugs and window treatments.  His collection has been described as versatile and timeless. I love his design philosphy that encourages people to tell their story and is at a price that everyone can afford.  Spot on, Nate B!

Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY // Hanging Bathroom Storage Baskets

Our small bathroom lacks in the storage department.  We have a builder's grade vanity that houses lots of our essentials but more is always needed.  After stumbling upon some wall storage using ikea bygel rails and baskets I decided to make my own and mount them right outside the bathroom door.

The idea is a great one - my execution of it, not so much.  Not only is it messy and unorganized, but our little monster has a fascination with lotion and will do anything to get his little paws on it.  Having it out in plain sight is both an eyesore and a temptation our little two year old can't shake.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY // Date Night Jar & A Little Kismet

Four years ago today I was blissfully being pampered - getting ready to walk down the aisle.  I was nervous and excited and ready to party down as Mrs. Padgett!  It's amazing how fast the years go by, how much changes in such a short amount of time and how we haven't suffered a single itch.  I'm still feeling pretty lucky.

We used to celebrate our anniversary by returning to the place where we spent our honeymoon, Whistler B.C. - where we'd gorge ourselves on the best fried calamari we've ever eaten at Ric's Grill, get all wrinkly in the outdoor hot tub and sleep in late in the amazingly comfy beds at the Adara Hotel and drink far too much wine.  Keeping within our budget, we won't be taking refuge with the Canucks this year and will instead be taking a few days off much closer to home.  But just because our spending has been dialed back doesn't mean the sentiment had to be.  And nothing says I love you more than homemade gifts, right?

I've been meaning to make us one of those date night jars for SO LONG.  It's a popular idea on pinterest and one that would take little skill to make.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY // Update Your Kitchen Lighting on the Cheap

It's only taken 9 months, but we have finally replaced our ugly boob lights in the kitchen.  Can I get a woot woot!

I know some of you are thinking what's wrong with boobs?  EVERYTHING if you're talking about lighting. I consider these builder's grade flush-mounted lights the Achilles heel in room design. We have at least one in every room of our home. Our kitchen boasted three — one in the center of the room, one above the sink and one in the nook. We knew we needed to replace them and the center light and the one above the sink were the first to go.

We tackled the first light back in May.  We picked up the IKEA Alang light {$39.99} for its simple style its neutral color and its woven texture.  We were a little nervous going into it since we had never installed a light before, but luckily those helpful DIY'ers over at Young House Love posted a how-to a few days after we picked up our light.  {Thanks guys and perfect timing!}  It was a really simple update that I am so happy with.

Monday, October 1, 2012

So Bright You've Got to Wear Shades

I don't know what it is about choosing fabric but it absolutely terrifies me.  You guys with me on this?  The thought of making the wrong choice sends me straight into panic-attack mode.  I'm sure it has to do with my  decorators remorse where, as soon as I make that final choice and purchase/make whatever item, I see something that I think would have worked better.  It's like the iphone curse - as soon as you buy that new model - a newer & better version comes out.

I went on the hunt to find fabric for some roman shades for the windows in our kitchen and breakfast noo.  I wanted something bold and graphic - with no actual color scheme in mind although one seemed to emerge.

Amy Butler Daisy Chain Wildflowers in Turquoise

Taza Gray and Aqua
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