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Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY // How-To Transform Thrift Store Lamps in Minutes

Well, I bet ya'll pretty much gave up hope thinking you'd ever see the lamp reveal I promised.  I'm sure you've been tossing and turning the past 6 days racking your brain - "Did she paint them blue?  It must be blue - No, it has to be green.  Or is it orange?  I HAVE TO KNOW!"

These two Lights of America Sun Light Lamps are energy efficient full spectrum lamps and were thrift store purchases for $4.99 each.  Like the style and the full spectrum benefits like increased serotonin levels and vitamin D production?  Get yours here although these lamps new are around $99.

Now before I get to the color I thought I'd share the technical details of spray painting a lamp.  First, tape off the cord and any pieces you don't want painted on the lamp.  

Don't forget to tape off the lightbulb area, as well.  Then, get to painting.  Paint long even strokes.  Instead of doing one heavy coat that could run, plan to paint a few light coats to get a nice smooth finish.

Well, my little lamp obsessed friends here's the moment you've all been waiting for...did you really think I could ever choose any color other than orange?  I mean, if I were a tree I'd be an orange tree so I would always be accessorized by my favorite color. Maybe a Cuties tree because those little mandarin bad boys are the perfect blend of sweet and tart.  Orange is my power color.  And what an amazing color it is.

This little article by Simple Mom shares the specifics behind color theory.  I've always been drawn to reds, oranges and yellows.  According to Simple Mom and other color theorists:
Orange is a warm, inviting, and joyful color. It invokes feelings of sociability, enjoyable connection, and happiness. It has an emotionally strong presence, and promotes extroverted behavior - a fantastic color to use in gathering spaces to promote interaction and relationship building.
Because orange contains red, it can also be overused. Too much orange (or an orange that is too bright or intense) can create overwhelming, irritating or frustrating feelings.
Let's hope the color orange I chose is the perfect shade because we DEFINITELY do not need irritation or frustration in the bedroom. But energy, happiness, connection - that sounds absolutely perfect!

I got a kick out of this little note about green:
While there is not a strongly negative aspect to too much green, it can promote laziness and lack of initiative if overused.
 {Anybody else thinking marijuana?}

Not only are these lamps the perfect color, but they're also the perfect lamps.  They shine the perfect amount of light for the hubs to be reading at night without awakening the sleeping grizzly bear next to him.  {I've been known to be a tad grumpy if awoken from a slumber.}  So with these illuminating wonders we can both be happy.  I guess they were right.  Orange really does increase happiness.

And with the little lamp revamp our bedroom also had a little transformation.  Stay tuned to see the reveal!

What about you guys?  Have you spray painted anything lately?



  1. too much green = marijuana haze. hilarious.

    i LOVE this re-do! the finish you got is so glossy. mine never comes out that good!

  2. The orange looks fantastic! Don't know if I would have ever chosen that color, but you have opened my eyes!! Looks great! Also, the green comparison cracked me up!

    Andrea @ www.dwellrepurposed.blogspot.com

  3. POW! That is one awesome light! Great colour choice. I thought you'd choose green but after that "laziness" info, I am glad you choice something with a bit more vibrancy!

  4. love the color makes it stand out and look great come over and see me over at http://shopannies.blogspot.com if you find time


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