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Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY // A Colorful Bedroom Makeover for Cheap

Phew!  It sure does feel good to be back.  While I've been incommunicado I've had plenty of time to get my home cleaned and organized. But it wasn't being unplugged or the impending return of my lovely fisherman, it was these orange bedside lamps that got my organization engine roaring.

I know I've mentioned this before but clutter is our number one foe at Casa de Padgett.  I've gotten the kitchen pretty much clutter free - aside from one section of counter that always seems to collect junk - by implementing some much needed wall storage and Luke's room is freshly painted and organized.  The living room is usually not too bad, but our bedroom...our bedroom usually looks like a tornado made its way through.

Unmade bed, overfilled bedside tables, cluttered floor.  Messy but liveable, right?  Yeah and then the rest of the room comes into view...

Holy hoarders!

And then a little further...as you can see I love piles of clothes.  Back before we moved to our little village and before we spent our lives chasing a toddler around, our bedroom was clean and organized and had a bit of style going on (like 3 years ago when we lived in Seattle.)  But since having Luke and moving, our bedroom has been seriously neglected. 

It's a temporary space for us until we finish the upstairs so I was never really motivated to style it.  That meant it remained a mainly white room.  Relaxing it was not.  Now, I know crisp white rooms like this one and this one are airy and calming, but my all white room was more mental hospital than relaxing retreat.  The clutter wasn't helping the not-so relaxing atmosphere either.

After a moment of clarity, realizing that we probably wouldn't be finishing the upstairs for a few years and that we really needed a place we could unwind after a busy day, I got my booty in gear.  I put the clothes away, cleaned the clutter and removed everything aside from the furniture and the lamps.  Then I got to styling.

If you notice in the first "Before" photo the window behind the bed is not centered on the wall.  That REALLY bugs me.  So, I extended the curtain rod to utilize the curtains to trick the eye into thinking its centered.  {It still isn't perfect, but it's better than it was.}  It gives this wall a cozier vibe, and surprisingly makes the wall feel larger.

The upholstered Ikea Morkedal bed got a boost of color and texture with the mid to late 20th century Chimayo blanket which was a thrifting score, as was the bed, side tables, bench...actually EVERYTHING in this room aside from the dresser, the four Ikea frames and postcards, tv and the rug were purchased at a thrift store.  Now, that is pretty amazing.

More texture was added to this area with one small potted plant on each Ikea Hemnes nightstand.  Luckily these are both water misers so hopefully I can keep them alive.

The nightstands were cleared off, wiped down and along with the plants and lamps I left the personal photos.  A stack of books with their dustjackets removed were placed on each bottom shelf to add another boost of color.  The art on the walls are a combination of homemade prints, such as the Our Song Typography Print and a drawing of our view from our first house in the Astoria area.  The zinc letter J is originally from Anthropologie but I snagged it from Goodwill.  Now I just need an M for my side of the bed.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll come upon it at a steal or I just might try my hand at making my own like these.

This silver dish is the perfect place to stash my bobby pins, change or any other loose odds and ends.

The opposite side of the room is looking just as exciting.  With a painted rug, a few punches of color, and the bare walls adorned. I'm feeling so much better about this white bedroom.

I pulled a tray from the living room to corral items on the dresser.

My jewelry branch got a trimming.  I chose to only showcase my gold jewelry - all the other non gold items were tucked away in an easy to access jewelry box.  I've also made it easy for any would-be thieves - no need to sift through our drawers creating another tornado of a mess just grab and go!

Above the closet is a large open area perfect for storage.  I've organized our magazines with IKEA's FLYT cardboard magazine files and placed a few books along the edge. In the future I'd like to utilize the space even more and purchase some additional large fabric or cardboard storage boxes like these to house our seasonal clothes.

The last corner of the room was completely bare before the little update.  It was a corner that was visible from the living room so it was in desperate need of some style.  Oh did I fail to mention our bedroom is a mere inches from the living room?  That's why it's temporary because one day we'll be blowing through the wall between this bedroom and the living room to create one large room well equipped for a family to hang out playing games and watching movies with enough personal space to make any claustrophobic happy.

Now this corner is vibrant and dynamic with these vintage reproduction postcards and the mid century modern chair with its bold graphic print.

This room is feeling much warmer and inviting.  I've been more relaxed and in turn sleeping better.  If only I would have done this 8 months ago!

And not only are YOU getting the big reveal today, but so is the hubs...but IN PERSON.  He returns from the Great White North this morning and I am SO EXCITED!

So what about you guys?  Have any room transformations or organizational tips to share?  Or are you like me and expecting a very burly and very stinky husband to arrive home today?  {Just me?  What a lucky gal, I am.}


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  1. Just the pop of color really makes this room look great! I love the color you chose for the lamps. Looking great!


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