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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In The Houzz!

So, remember when I posted a cryptic message on Facebook where I mentioned "a new development"?  Well...I'M CONTRIBUTING FOR Houzz!  {Picture me jumping up and down with a cheshire grin.}  Now, picture me pictured in the Contributors list.  Can't?  Okay, let me help you.  Okay I can't help you quite yet, as I'm on a trial period before I get the official "You're A Contributor" email.  Still, I'm excited to just be a part of this site {even if it ends up being only 4 weeks.}  My public profile will just have to suffice for now...

What's Houzz, you sheepishly ask?  Well to me, Houzz is my favorite place to look for design ideas for the home.  They have an amazing database of interior and exterior photos for every room & style in a
home, plus product inspiration.  Need ideas for your bathroom?  Easy. Just click "bathroom."  Just want to browse styles?  Simple.  Click on your desired style (mine sways towards eclectic & traditional.) But that's just me, here's what Houzz has to say about themselves...
Houzz is a leading destination site for home design enthusiasts-- professionals and homeowners. The Houzz site and mobile apps feature over 400,000 high quality interior and exterior photos, thousands of highly-engaging articles written by design experts, product recommendations and social tools to manage the remodeling and decorating process. 
On the Houzz platform:
Design professionals showcase their portfolios, sharing their work with a community dedicated to home and landscape design. 60,000+ professionals have uploaded more than 400,000 inspiring photographs, making Houzz the Internet's largest database of design and decorating ideas.
Homeowners collect their favorite photos, find design professionals in their areas, upload photos of their homes and gardens, and swap tips and questions with other members. More than a million ideabooks have been created by Houzz members, and new ones are added every minute.
Home design & product/decor inspiration photos are only a portion of the site.  Houzz also showcases DIY projects, which is where I come in.  I'll be part of their DIY Contributors squad and will be creating and sharing through their ideabook platform home related DIY projects from large to small.  And with no better segue, here's my first DIY ideabook...drumroll, please...

I absolutely LOVE our open shelving and can't wait to add a few more around the house {above the fridge for some bar storage & outside the bathroom for some much needed towel/toiletries storage.}  For a tutorial on how to make and mount your own shelves, check out my Houzz ideabook.

Now, I want to warn you before I send you to Houzz, it is ADDICTING!  So, my apologies to your significant other, children, friends and employers for your lack of availability in the immediate future.  Okay, now that you're fully warned...Check out my profile on Houzz and might I recommend another DIY Contributor, Lauren Donaldson.  Lauren is a fellow blogger at LaurenEliseCrafted and has amazing projects and equally amazing photography.

Stay tuned for more DIY projects.  I'll be sure to share all of them here.  You can also quickly jump to my Houzz profile by clicking on the Houzz featured slideshow on the right sidebar.  (Phew, that's 14 times I've written Houzz...were you keeping track?)

So, that's the news.  Pretty awesome, right?

Disclaimer:  As a Contributor for Houzz, I have been compensated for any Ideabooks featured on Houzz, although I am not compensated for sharing Houzz Ideabooks on Revamp Homegoods.  All opinions expressed here are that of the writer and are in no way influenced by Houzz.


  1. It's so fun to get on a see everyone's posts on Houzz. I'm loving it and I don't even have my own house!

  2. WOW! Congratulations,girl! I am a longtime fan of Houzz...and love it even more now that they've snatched you up:) Best of luck!! xo

    1. Thanks Linda! It's been a blast so far.


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