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Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY // How To Migrate From a Blogger Address To a Dot Com

Like Portlanders and their birds, you might have noticed that bloggers are choosing to put a (dot)com on it by dropping the .blogspot, .wordpress or .typepad part of their address and using their own custom domain.  Does that make them more official?  I think so!

And in great follower fashion...I put a (dot)com on it.  From now on, this little place I call internet home will be http://www.revamphomegoods.com. Did you notice?  Probably not.  But, I'm totally official now!  Well, in my mind anyways.  So, what if all you can remember is the old address, http://revamphomegoods.blogspot.com?  Well, no problem!  All .blogspot traffic will be automatically redirected to Revamp Homegoods.  Relieved?  I bet.

So, how did I make the transition from unofficial blogger to official blogger?  Easy.  Google.  Or better yet, Blogger.  I bought the domain name http://www.revamphomegoods.com from Blogger (via GoDaddy) for $10 a year, by accessing my Settings on the Blogger's Dashboard.  Under the Publishing section you have the option of using .blogspot.com or it asks you if you'd like to use or purchase a custom domain.  I crossed my fingers as I checked to see that revamphomegoods.com was available and when it said yes, I went through Google Checkout to finalize the purchase.  After purchasing, all I had to do was sit and wait while Blogger did it's thing and about 20 minutes later my blog had changed automatically from .blogspot to its new custom domain.  That easy and that quick! 

And yes, technically it already had a (dot)com and all I did was drop the .blogspot, but I really wanted to be hip and reference Portlandia.  Okay?

There you have it.  The quick and easy change that you guys probably wouldn't have noticed had I said anything!

So, what about you other bloggers?  Have you made the switch?  What path did you take (the easy blogger route or the difficult millions of questions and questionably expensive route?)



  1. Congratulations! We use GoDaddy too for our domain name, hosting and our website template. It's easy for the time being, until we make the next step to a custom website. :)

    Michelle www.BLENDIDS.com

  2. Glad to see it. I always had to get to your site through fb or email cause I could never remember the blogspot address. I think I can handle the new one!

  3. It's more than a year after your post and I'm finding the directions have changed, dramatically! It's not all that easy any longer and I'm frustrated to the point of giving up.


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