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Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY // How To Migrate From a Blogger Address To a Dot Com

Like Portlanders and their birds, you might have noticed that bloggers are choosing to put a (dot)com on it by dropping the .blogspot, .wordpress or .typepad part of their address and using their own custom domain.  Does that make them more official?  I think so!

And in great follower fashion...I put a (dot)com on it.  From now on, this little place I call internet home will be http://www.revamphomegoods.com. Did you notice?  Probably not.  But, I'm totally official now!  Well, in my mind anyways.  So, what if all you can remember is the old address, http://revamphomegoods.blogspot.com?  Well, no problem!  All .blogspot traffic will be automatically redirected to Revamp Homegoods.  Relieved?  I bet.

So, how did I make the transition from unofficial blogger to official blogger?  Easy.  Google.  Or better yet, Blogger.  I bought the domain name http://www.revamphomegoods.com from Blogger (via GoDaddy) for $10 a year, by accessing my Settings on the Blogger's Dashboard.  Under the Publishing section you have the option of using .blogspot.com or it asks you if you'd like to use or purchase a custom domain.  I crossed my fingers as I checked to see that revamphomegoods.com was available and when it said yes, I went through Google Checkout to finalize the purchase.  After purchasing, all I had to do was sit and wait while Blogger did it's thing and about 20 minutes later my blog had changed automatically from .blogspot to its new custom domain.  That easy and that quick! 

And yes, technically it already had a (dot)com and all I did was drop the .blogspot, but I really wanted to be hip and reference Portlandia.  Okay?

There you have it.  The quick and easy change that you guys probably wouldn't have noticed had I said anything!

So, what about you other bloggers?  Have you made the switch?  What path did you take (the easy blogger route or the difficult millions of questions and questionably expensive route?)


Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Nautical Chart Art

Ever since I was a youngster drawing countries for my book reports, I've had a fascination with maps.  That fascination carries over into decor.  I'm all about showcasing a map in the home and if you haven't noticed, so is the rest of the home decor world.  We've seen them in vintage, modern and contemporary forms of all shapes and sizes.

We've long displayed a world map in our home with pins to showcase where we've traveled and now we're rocking another map to show another important place in our lives.

The hubs, while in addition to being an amazing teacher, is a commercial fisherman.  He spends his entire summer break in Alaska out on the Aleutian Chain catching halibut and black cod.  It's incredibly difficult having him gone for months at a time, but it allows us to raise our son the way we want ~ with Mama at home.

To make the transition easier and to help our {almost} two-year old son TRY to understand why Daddy is away and where he is, we picked up a couple nautical charts of the fishing grounds where he typically fishes, so we could show him exactly where Daddy is.  You can pick these charts up at most marine supply shops, ours was Longship Marine in Poulsbo, Washington.

Rather than just throwing the chart up poster-style, I created a piece of art that is both practical and beautiful by cutting the chart into four panels and framing them with simple glass frames.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Save the Date for the Etsy Craft Party!

The Etsy Craft Party is scheduled and I'm taking part in this year's event on Friday, August 24th with a local gathering in Astoria, Oregon.


Not quite sure what an Etsy Craft Party is?  Well, I think Etsy can explain it best...

Organization // The Battle With The Monthly

And no, not THAT monthly.  I'm talking magazines.  I absolutely love getting the glossy mags in the mail each month and can't wait to get in the door, sit down and devour the entire thing.  But then after I'm done reading the mag just sits in a basket on my hearth or on a stack on my nightstand and then every once in awhile they get moved to a box (yes, I am a magazine hoarder.)  I rarely look back at the old publications, but I can't bear to get rid of them for the "just in case" factor.  You guys with me, here?

I've been a subscriber to Real Simple for more than 3 years and before that I was a regular grocery-aisle

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ask Michelle: Updating a Vintage Sofa

It's our first "Ask Michelle" Q&A where Michelle Dirkse, Interior Designer, answers your tough design questions!  Did you miss our interview with Michelle?  Check it out here.  Now let's get on with the question...

Hey Michelle,

I have a vintage sofa that was given to me after my Grandma passed.  It has amazing lines, but the upholstery leaves much to be desired.  With a large extended family, we are tough on furniture.  What is the best fabric to use that is both classic and will stand up to a lot of wear?

~ René


Hey René,

I'm so happy to hear that you've decided to keep your grandmother's sofa and make it your own!  Reupholstering a vintage sofa is a great way to get a custom look without the custom price, while also getting to hold onto something that's already meaningful to you.  I picked up my grandfather's 8 foot long sofa last weekend and I'll be doing the same thing.

Here's my plan of attack:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breaking News - New Cold Remedy Really Taking Off

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.  I don't know about you, but sore throat and sunny weather just don't mix.  It's still fighting to take me down, but it's nothing a little tea and thrifting won't fix.  What?!  Shopping doesn't fix your colds?

Here's what I picked up today...

Three-Piece Pier1 Outdoor Cushion Set for under $4.50

Yellow basket,  Wooly Mammoth and...wait for it...Anthropologie Zinc Letter.  Who would drop this at GW?  My imagination thinks that the owner was dating a "J" and things didn't quite work out.  Thanks for the letter "J" and sorry about that nasty breakup.  Don't worry, there's more fish out in the sea.  Chin up.  Now, be gone with you...I'm relishing in my thrifty finds.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Budget Friendly Landscaping: DIY Pea Gravel Pathway

For those of you that don't live in typically sunny locales, do you ever start looking over your shoulder when you've had a few sunny days in a row?  Like, the rain is your stalker and you have nowhere to hide?  No?  Just me?

Well, it's been absolutely beautiful since last Saturday.  We had a nice visit from my parents and put work on hold aside from hanging Luke's new swing which is a nice twist on the classic tire swing.  It is absolutely perfect for younger kids.  


Saturday, May 5, 2012

DIY // Marine Life Shadowbox Art

Ever wonder what to do with your sentimental items?  We have hundreds of ticket stubs, cards, letters and other mementos crammed into our keepsake box, tucked away out of sight.  Some things are better left in there but there are a few things that we wouldn't mind seeing out in public.  I was completely inspired by this framed sanddollar by Katie Bower of Bower Power circa 2008, who was initially inspired by Nate Berkus .  How can you NOT be inspired by Nate B?  or Katie B. for that matter?!  With two Ikea shadowboxes found at the thrift store, fabric, cardboard and craft glue I made my own heartfelt decor that is sure to inspire some happy memories.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Organizing Your Life One List At A Time

It seems like many are on an organizing kick and I'm right there with you.  In my previous life, I was an executive assistant and event planner.  I had to be on top of my game at all times and to do that I was HIGHLY organized, which means I kept lists.  Lists upon lists upon lists.  But, as a stay at home mom, I find that my daily planning and organization has pretty much fallen to the wayside.  I still tend to make general lists (like groceries), but they are few and far between and at some point during the day that list gets stolen by Mr. Grabby-hands and ripped to shreds.  I've been feeling like I'm always one step behind and that is a feeling I just don't enjoy.

I NEED to be more organized.  So, I set out to be one step closer to sane by setting up a weekly to-do list and one list turned into four.

The first came way as a FREE PRINTABLE! thanks to A Pair of Pears.  This list allows me to write down appointments, activities and things that need to get done.  I print off a few at a time, so that I know what's coming in the weeks ahead.

And for you fellow DIYers, crafters or general creators, this FREE PRINTABLE! from Perideau

Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY // Perfect Painted Wallpaper

With the cabinets shining bright from their fresh coats of paint, the bare wall opposite our sink was needing a whole lotta love.  We have plans to put up some open shelving on the largest section, but that's about it.  Frankly, it's a little too blah for me so I set out to find a way to liven it up a bit.  With four layers of wallpaper underneath the new drywall I couldn't fathom putting another layer on these walls even with the awesome selection out there right now.  So I enlisted my trusty paint brush to save the day again via painted wallpaper!

 Here's a glimpse of what that wall looked like amidst the remodeling mess...

Of course chevron print crossed my mind, but I'm a little over the zig-zag craze at the moment.  Are you guys with me?  {Although I will confess that I do love this nursery by House 36 and am leaning towards this print for the seat cushion on the bench in the nook.}  So I scoured the internet looking for the perfect pattern and came upon the quatrefoil trellis.  I love this pattern and I'm not the only one.  Ballard Designs had a trellis wallpaper that they were selling for $119 for a double roll and Emily at Jones Design Company transformed the walls in her office with a stencil.  Jackpot!

I used the stencil provided by Emily and used the same double outline method.  Man, she's not kidding when she says it's tedious.  You trace the same stencil about a thousand times and go back over that with paint and then over again with a second coat in my case.  It's tiring, but the outcome is totally worth it.  All in all it taken me roughly 8 hours (obviously not in one sitting) and I expect another hour or two to get the 2nd coat on.  Now, if you're interested in this pattern but want to skip all the tedious work check out the all-over stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils.  It's sure to save you time.

So, back to that wall....After what seemed like weeks (probably because it was!) I finally finished tracing and painting the first coat and not without some crazy acrobatic tricks to get that hard to reach bottom area and corner.  Thank god for yoga and a husband who is very unselfish with doling out the back rubs (unlike his very selfish wife!)

And by golly, it's looking pretty damn good.  It's not perfect by any means, but if you don't sit there and stare at it all day long (hard, I know.) then you'll never really notice.  Hopefully.

I still have to paint another coat and we really need to get that trim back up, but I'm calling this one a victory and sharing "After" photos before it's technically finished but you can't blame me, right?

So what do you think?  Doesn't it just change the whole tone of the room?  It's true what the say...a little paint can work wonders.

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