Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrifting // Secondhand Scores!

Another successful trip to Goodwill in the bag...check out my finds.

3 yards of fabric

One pillowcase - big plans for this one.  Stay tuned.

Glass storage.  I have an addiction...

I've been on the hunt for a clock in the kitchen and I was leaning towards the classic schoolhouse clock and then I happened upon this today... A whimsical mid-century Bill Miller Etc (Melrose Ave Los Angeles, Ca) clock.  It needs a little TLC but I'm digging it.

Glass shade choices for our pendant lights.  I'm leaning towards #1 & #4 for the kitchen and #3 for the bathroom.





Now, I just need to get started on all the future projects these will be a part of.



  1. Ooh! I love that clock. Very cool vintage. Are you going to repaint the frame?? Can't wait to see!

    1. I sure am! Just have to decide on a color...

  2. Oh, you have done fabulously! Love the clock- I can never, ever resist a thrifted clock!

    Love your blog- you are a woman after my own heart - crafty, thrifty, DIY loving homemaking!

    (Came via the Blue eyed owl)


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