Thursday, January 19, 2012

Open Shelving: Perfect Timing, Apartment Therapy.

Have you guys been considering folowing the "open-shelving" trend?  Well, we sure are.  We're not taking any cabinets out, by any means, just building our own shelves (thanks to YoungHouseLove & and installing them on a blank wall above our buffet (similar to the photo below.) And it's like someone over at Apartment Therapy had been mind-reading me with their helpful post, "How to Know if You're Ready for Open Shelving."

I passed the quiz, although the question about clutter has me doing some thinking...but you never know until you try, so we're pushing ahead full steam.  As for the rest of you joining the craze, I suggest you read this and decide if it's really something you can do especially if your plan involves removing existing cabinetry!


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