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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Each Their Own: Anthropologie Trinket & Treasure Candlesticks

I just received my Anthropologie catalog and as I'm flipping through I'm thinking "Man, I dig pretty much everything.  Not that I would wear or use it, but I definitely dig it."

Especially these vases.

And these pillows.

Until I got to the Trinket & Treasure Candlesticks.  I'm sorry Candlestick, but I'm just not into you. At all. And with a $398 price tag I don't know how anyone else could be either?

Hmm...I'd like to hear from anyone who would even contemplate purchasing these. But I will admit, I do appreciate their trash to treasure-ness.



  1. just wanted to remind you about your guest post for my Christmas Series, thansk!!!

  2. Hi Tammy. December 16th, right? I'm on it! :)

  3. yep, dec 16th! i'm so excited. do you know you are set up as a noreply blogger? if you change this in your blog under edit profile, then folks and email you back. xx

  4. I LOVE the Trinket Treasure Candlesticks...trying to figure out how to make my own....love, love, love them. To each her own!

  5. I knew there were people like you out there and glad to hear you will make your own and not shell out $400! :)

  6. The moment I saw these it was love, but a love for re-creating them myself! If anyone does make one, please share your thoughts!!!

  7. I love the candlesticks in the catalog, so did a search on them and found you.

  8. Hi Everyone, I loved those candle sticks, but like many would not be willing to part with $400. I however did make my own versions of them and here is the link to the pics - http://www.poppyseedliving.blogspot.com/.

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