Friday, November 18, 2011

How To Organize a Classroom

November, and specifically Thanksgiving, has most of us thinking about what we're thankful for.  At the top of my list is my family.   When Nikki from Everything Under the Moon invited me to participate in her Random Acts of Kindness Week this past Nov 13-19th, I was overjoyed and I knew exactly what I could do.

I am lucky.  I am blessed with a very handsome, hardworking and scarily smart husband and a carbon copy 1 year old son, with a sense of humor that rivals my beloved Chevy Chase.  The hubs will wash dishes, wash laundry, cook, and give me nightly back rubs all without a single complaint.  And, while he does, and is, a lot of things, organized he is not!  (Just take a peek at his classroom.)  He's so busy with graduate school (Go Aggies!) and teaching that he can't find the time to clean up.

So, I put my organization skills to use.  It's the least I could do to show him just how thankful I am.

His biggest issue, as you can see, are the stacks and stacks of papers.

 So, I thought these would help.

Scholastic File Organizer for handouts & File box for homework
And though I'd like to show some "After" photos and report back on all the hard work we put in getting his classroom organized the past week, life got in the way and I wasn't quite able to complete the random act of kindness.  Good thing he has the entire next week off, so I can get down and dirty with some math papers. 

So what about you guys?  What does November have you feeling thankful for?


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  1. This is great! Love the idea. Your family sounds wonderful. Thank you for participating! Have a great holiday!


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