Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Salvaged Goods: Trash to Treasure (Literally!)

Home Depot definitely has its allure as a one stop shop for home improvement, but are you guys familiar with salvage materials stores?   You can get salvaged furniture, homegoods and building materials, such as doors, windows, hardware, tile and tubs, at insane prices. You'd be amazed at what people throw out.
Rad Sign from Salvage Works, LLC

Wonderful salvaged wheels at Rejuvenation

The following is a list of local salvage stores to check out before you start your next project:
And these are only a few. 

So, how many of you have used salvaged materials in your renovating or remodeling project? 


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  1. You have made me a fan! When I get my own place, you are taking me on a treasure hunt to one of these stores.


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