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Sunday, October 30, 2011

DIY // Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I stumbled upon the 2011 Pinterest Challenge:  Fall Edition while checking out some plans for a kitchen island over at Ana-white.com and I was all over it.  If you're asking, "What in the Sam Hill is Pinterest?"  Then, please allow me to ask, "Where in the Sam Hill have you been?!"  If you're asking yourself, "What's the Pinterest Challenge?" Then, I'll just keep my smart comments to myself.

You know all those Pinterest pins you've been addictively pinning like they're going out of style?  The ones that you say "I can totally make that" and then they just sit there collecting internet dust?  Well, now's the time to roll up those sleeves, step away from the computer and get to work.

The Challenge, hosted by these amazingly talented ladies, asked fellow Pinners to pin it, make it, and share it on November 2nd. Simple enough, right?

Katie from Bower Power 
Sherry from Young House Love 
Ana from Ana-White.Com
and Erin from House of Earnest

With all my pins, the difficult part was in narrowing it down to just one project.  (Yes, I am totally addicted.)  And then, duh!,  it hit me. I've been eyeing a mason jar dish soap dispenser from Blissfully Content.  Its simple beauty sure beats those hideous plastic containers.  Plus, I had picked up a perfect vintage mason jar during last weekend's thrifting trip. (And let's be honest, it was a pretty low-energy project.  Perfect for this lazy weekend I'm enjoying.)

I won't get into each step of the project here.  You'll just have to check out Blissfully Content's tutorial for all the details.

But without further ado (because we all know I can't keep a surprise!), here it is, the finished 2011 Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition project, in all its glory.  I am in love with it and am so stoked to be rid of that hideous plastic bottle.

Now to my next Pinterest project, homemade dish soap (goodbye forever plastic dish soap bottles!), from Gerbera Designs' craft blog, Tried and True.

So, what are you going to create?



  1. I'd like you to make me one please and thank you!

  2. I want one too and I have a jar for it.

  3. i would love to do this! i even have some blue ball jars waiting for me...

  4. HI! Found your blog via bower's..and wanted to warn you now before it's too late for you too that my mason jar soap dispenser got quite rusted after, oh, a year of using it and I guess not paying attention to the underside of the lid when refilling??? Just beware. Who knows how long I was washing my dishes with rusted soap!

  5. Hi Judi! Thanks for the keen advice. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any rust issues. (P.S. I too love to keep my nails at a conveniently short length. Biters Unite!)

  6. Oh my goodness..it turned out so great! I love that you used a newer canning lid:).



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